Singer & Composer Refael Shiloni Puts You In The Rhythm of “Tik-Tok”

HaShem sent him a song and he is putting it out there . The sound of a clock going TikTok gives a person the ‘drive’ and energy to do things.
Refael says: over the last year, he went through many different things. Some were happy times and some not so much so. With HaShem’s kindness, he was given the ability to bring happiness to Am Yisrael with his voice and compositions.
Tik-Tok talks about our time that moves really fast. We don’t always have the time to focus on it all.
Originally, the song was supposed to be released on Oct 29,2023. At that point, our nation was all together, dealing with a war that is unimaginable. The only thing we can say is that HaShem, with His great chessed, should have pity on us , protect our soldiers, and bring home the hostages safely.
Tik-Tok has a message that gives strength. It gives people a reason and feeling to do good things, instead of focusing on the negativity and the hard times we are going through with the war.
We hope it will all end soon with the coming of Mashiach.