Itay David With A Brand New Hit Single “Mechake Lasheket”

On the way to his first album, Itay David, a singer and songwriter together with the arranger and music producer SHINER releases his fifth single “Mechake Lasheket“, which he directs and dedicates to anyone who needs a moment of strength and peace, especially in the current situation where we are all waiting for peace.

Two of Itay‘s songs were published and went viral on the network “Mehatchala” and the hit “Yerushalayim” which in the past month became one of the most requested songs in Israel and the Jewish world, and was Ranked by Spotify as one of the 50 most viral songs in Israel.

Itay David is a promising young talented singer with amazing abilities and a unique style in the world of music, different from what we are used to hearing in the Israeli climate, an unusual combination of musical styles and elements from the Middle East together with energy from the 80’s and rock bands.

You are welcome to listen, be inspired, connect and of course share..
And may we have days of peace and tranquility in complete redemption soon, Amen.