Acheinu Medley | Eli Seidenfeld (Official Video)

The war and tragedies in Eretz Yisroel have reawakened the deep love that all Jews have for one another. It has brought us together, closer than ever before, with an Achdus that has never been stronger.
With our hearts and minds focused on our brethren in Israel going through these difficult times, tunes of Acheinu have been on the lips of thousands worldwide, with the hope and prayer that all hostages be released, our soldiers kept safe, and no more pain and suffering for our brothers and sisters.
Many beautiful niggunim have been set to these words, I thought it would be appropriate to put a few of them together for inspiration and hope.
This medley is a Tefilla for a time when we will see only light and no more darkness. השתא בעגלא ובזמן קריב
Eli Seidenfeld

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Vocals: Eli Seidenfeld
Backup vocals: Eli Seidenfeld /Yoel Weiss
Produced, Arranged: Yoel Weiss
Mixed/Mastered by Dima Graziani
Vocals recorded @ Le Matta Studios – Eli woznica/Rephael Galet
Drums- Avi Avidani
Bass- Avi Yifrach
Guitar- Avi Singolda
Horns- Danny Flam
Keys & Programming- Yoel Weiss
Intro arrangement- Dima Graziani/ Eli Seidenfeld
Artwork- Esti Seidenfeld
Graphic Design- Adina Cahn
Music Video: Penina Kaufman

The Acheinu Medley Song List:
Acheinu 1 – Dovid Scharf (Lev Tahor)
Acheinu 2- Yossi Green (Avraham Fried)
Acheinu 3 Abie Rotenberg (Lev V’nefesh)