Have you tried and tried to fix your marriage but saw minimal results?

Have you been feeling alienated, neglected, or even like a single mother at times? Does your husband do anything to avoid spending time with you or the kids? Are you tired of the endless arguments and the cold wars, or just wish he understood your needs?

Perhaps you tried couples counseling and got nowhere. Maybe your husband thinks counseling is a waste of time and money and refuses to even consider it. Or you might have never tried at all, because you’re reluctant to go to a professional or agency, for many reasons.

But how you wish you could do something to have your dream relationship!

I wished so, too. Until I discovered the 6 fundamental and very doable skills taught by Laura Doyle and with Hashem’s help, I experienced a transformation beyond my wildest imagination. I’ll admit— at first I was skeptical, but as I dug into the skills, things started to shift quickly. I was coached by Coach Chana weekly until I was so proficient that both my coach and my rav encouraged me to become a certified Laura Doyle coach — so I could empower other women to save or enhance their marriages.

I am so gratified to have successfully mentored a number of women who have seen tremendous results. It would be my honor and pleasure to help you, too, create a  beautiful and unique shift in your marriage with the help of Hakadoh Baruch Hu.

Now, you might be thinking, “Doesn’t it take both of us to change this dynamic? And how do I know that you’re qualified to help me? And what if I’m a very private person?” Don’t worry, there are good answers to these questions and any others you may have. How about we set up a time to discuss them so you can decide if you’d want to learn these skills?

You can choose between Zoom or phone sessions (with the option of anonymity) so that you feel comfortable and safe as you actualize your dreams of being a ‘ridiculously happy’ wife.  New clients can take advantage of a reduced rate of $90 per session (until Rosh Chodesh Nissan).

There’s also an option of email coaching, which uses the same basic techniques, has many benefits, and is more economical. This option is ideal for women who already are familiar with the foundational skills in Laura’s book and would like help to apply it to their specific situation. We all have our blind spots. You’ll find that a supportive third-party perspective can help you work through them.

All sessions are completely confidential and conducted with professionalism. And just so you know, I don’t live in Lakewood or Brooklyn, so you don’t have to wonder if we’ll meet in Bingo or at PTA. Give it a shot — your husband and future self will thank you!

Call/text me at 213-655-8964 or email me at coachrochie@gmail.com

Rochie Horowitz

Rabbinic references are available upon request.