New Album By Yoel Dovid “Mizmor LeDovid”

In each note and melody, we find our journey. Singer Yoel Dovid Goldstein recently rekindled the
flame of his passion, and is now gifting the world with a masterpiece.
Together with the famous Yitzy Waldner, they spent close to four years meticulously crafting an
album that holds the power of both melody and emotion.
Titled “Mizmor LeDovid”, this album is not merely a collection of songs, but it is a musical
experience. It’s a journey into the depths of human emotion.
This album is a collection of 10 brand new songs of Yoel Dovid’s own compositions, and also
features the work of Yitzy Waldner and Eli Schechter. The involvement of the industry’s most elite
talents in the music and arrangement makes this album top-tier.
At the heart of this album is a song so stirring and beautiful that it was chosen as both the opener
and the namesake of this album. The song, Mizmor LeDovid, is a play on Yoel Dovid’s name. It
encapsulates the essence of the entire album- soulful, touching, and undeniably beautiful. The
arrangement, masterfully arranged by David Taub in Israel, invites listeners into a world where music
touches the heart.
A harp is displayed on the cover art. It is a symbol of authentic music, played by Dovid HaMelech.
This classical instrument weaves its way through the tracks on this album, adding a layer of
sophistication that is seldom found in contemporary music. This results in the album being one that
will be enjoyed by all, regardless of the age or stage they’re in.
As those cold winter days approach, we invite you to immerse yourself in a warm musical experience
that is not only heard, but felt. Because the effects of true music linger long after the last note has
faded away.

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Album Credits:
Produced by: Yitzy Waldner
Composed by: Yoel Dovid, Yitzy Waldner & Eli Schechter
Music Arranged by: David Taub, Lipa Brach, Ravid Kashti, Eli Klein & Yitzy Berry, Zelig Privalsky
Choirs by: David Taub
Kids Choir by: Shir Vshevach
Arranged & Conducted by: Chaim Meir Fligman
Mixed by: Ravid Kashti, Eli Klein & Yitzy Berry, Shlomo Wechter
Mastered by: Ravid Kashti
Photography: Sruly Rosenberg
Design: Avrumy Silberstein @
PR & Marketing: