Yechiel Schron With A New Single For Chanukah “Al Hanissim”

Yechiel Schron presents his latest song, “Al Hanissim,”.

This uplifting tune is brought to life through the beautiful composition of renowned hitmaker Yitzy Waldner.

Under the inspiration of a timeless message penned by the Levush, Yechiel Schron‘s
rendition of “Al Hanissim” invites us to express gratitude to Hashem for the miracles,
both open and hidden, that sustain our lives. The lyrics echo the sentiment of thanks not
only for the miracles of the past but also for the constant miracles that surround us

The musical arrangement of this soul-stirring song is masterfully crafted by the talented
Naftali Schnitzler, enhancing the pure and heartwarming essence of Yechiel’s vocals.
🙏 Join Us in Celebration:

As we immerse ourselves in the spirit of Chanukah, let Yechiel Schron’s rendition of “Al
Hanissim” uplift your soul and inspire gratitude for the miracles that shape our lives.

Composed & Produced by: Yitzy Waldner
Arranged by: Naftali Schnitzler @ A House Of Music
Choir by David Taub
Vocals recorded @ Studio 6, Lakewood NJ
Mixed by: Avrumy Lunger
Mastered by: Aran Levi
Cover Design: Avrumy Silberstein /