Tani Polansky – Elokai (Official Music Video) | The TeFEELah Project

I am moved and excited to share this with you. This song, Elokai (My G-d) is a gift that I received/ composed in three stages over the course of 5 years. I find it interesting that the time for it to be released occurred at this moment in time, a time when the Jewish people are both collectively in mourning for so many souls that were taken from us, whilst becoming acutely aware of our collective soul, the raw power and love that pulsates within all of us, as if in one heart. I dedicate this song to the neshamot we lost, to the neshama we have become aware of, and to the source of it all, Elokai, the Ribono Shel Olam (Master of the world).

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This song was produced and arranged by Zev Becker (OnChord Studios), and the video filmed, and produced by Eliezer Cohn (Kooper Studios). Cover art by Eli Broder. This song has been generously sponsored by Zack and Lizzie Freud.

With love and gratitude,
Tani 🙏🏻🤍


Music Video Filmed and Produced by Eliezer Cohn (Kooper Studios)

Composition, Performance, and Vocal Arrangement: Tani Polansky

Production & Orchestration: Zev Becker (OnChord Studios)

Strings: Andrew Joslyn and Zev Becker

Pianos and Synth: Zev Becker

Flute: Yonnie Dror

Mix & Master: Warren David (The Arena Studio)

Remastered by Aria Mastering

Recording and Engineering: OnChord Studios and TeFEELah Studios

Cover art: Art by Eli Broder

Editing by Tani Polansky with thanks to Yossi Zweig and Emmi Polansky.

באהבה, Tani