Dovid Rotberg – Ahavti | (Composed & Originally Performed by: Gavriel Drillman)

Dovid Rotberg is an aspiring new singer ready to conquer the Jewish music world!

Following the releases of his covers for Ribono, Tefilat Haneiros & Ana Melech Dovid is back with a brand new song ‘Ahavti‘.

The song was written Lezecher Nishmas Yisroel Levin and Elisheva Kaplan, may their Neshamos have an aliya.

Composed & Originally Performed by: Gavriel Drillman
Vocals: Jason Goldglantz
Mixing and vocals: Hillel Kapnick
Lyric Video: I & Me Media

To book Dovid for your next simcha call/text 973-951-3654