Reb Yaakov Singer With A New Single For The Yomim Noroim “Ein Lanu Melech”

The Holy month of Elul is upon us once again. Really getting ready to connect and come closer to Hashem, our Father, our Master, our King. That Hashem reigns supreme is our national anthem. We cry out in unity, “אין לנו מלך אלא אתה”, we have no King except for you.
Thinking about how I spent my life the past year, while in the presence of the King. Did I study Torah, perform Mitzvos, Daven, give Tzedakah, do Chesed, take care of my family properly, as I should have? Can I truly say I made Hashem proud of me, through my actions and behavior? After all, my Father in Heaven deserves to have some Naches, in return for all the blessings, He has bestowed upon my family and I the past year. Before asking for another year of health, sustenance, naches, success and well-being, I will first thank Hashem for all He has graciously showered upon me till now. Then I will make myself worthy, for His continued blessings the coming year, by reflecting upon my misdeeds in the past, doing Tesuvah for them and committing to live a more sincere Torah life in the future.
How appropriate it is at this time, to release this beautiful anthem song, אין לנו מלך אלא אתה right before Rosh Hashona, as we pledge our allegiance to our beloved KING and altogether coronate HASHEM exclusively once againה’ מלך, ה’ מלך, ה’ ימלוך , לעולם ועד.

Composed and Performed by: Rabbi Yaakov Singer
Produced by: Hillel Kapnick

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