Brothers Simche & Yehuda Friedman Join Voices!

Chasidic singer Simche Friedman has released a new single, in which he hosts his brother Yehuda for the first time.

“This is very exciting for us,” Simche says. “Yehuda and I have been singing together since we were kids, and we always dreamed about recording a duet. We hope that the song will touch many hearts and move many people”.

Mayim Rabim is performed in a catchy Kumzitz-Chasidic style, with the combination of the two different voices adding a special touch.

Composed by Choni Tzucker and arranged by Eliya Netaneli and David Taub, Mayim Rabim won’t stop playing in your head.

The lyrics of the song describe (a) our love for Hashem, (b) His desire to hear us davven and learn and see us doing Mitzvos.

Listening to the duet while watching the lively video clip (screenplay: Yoel Baich, photography and editing: Davidi Nachshon), one can detect an additional love -‘brotherly love’…