Beloved Miami Michaneches Rivka Stern (nee Pruzansky) from Lakewood Tragically Passes Away, Leaving Community in Mourning

The Miami community is grieving the sudden and untimely passing of Rivka Stern (nee Pruzansky), a beloved Michaneches and mother of five. Hailing originally from Lakewood, Rivka’s remarkable achievements and unwavering dedication left an indelible mark on the lives she touched.

Rivka’s nurturing spirit and genuine love for teaching went beyond the classroom walls. Her commitment to education created a supportive and inspiring environment where countless students found solace, guidance, and academic growth. Through her unique ability to connect on a personal level, Rivka left an enduring impact that resonated far beyond the confines of her classrooms.

The news of her tragic departure has sent shockwaves through the community, leaving a void that will be deeply felt for years to come. As the Miami community mourns the loss of this cherished individual, it is crucial to reflect on Rivka’s remarkable achievements and the positive influence she had on her students and the community at large.

Let us remember the immense impact as a devoted mother, beloved Michaneches, and beacon of inspiration. Her legacy will continue to shine. In the face of this tragedy, the a fund has been set up in support of the family.


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