Not Your Bubby’s “Tumba” – Rogers Park Band

This article is via The Jewish Insights

Rogers Park Band is thrilled to announce the release of their latest single “Tumba,” the most original cover of this timeless Yiddish classic yet. Dubbed “Tumba” by the band, this song has been reimagined for a new generation of listeners.

“We wanted to create a version of ‘Tumba‘ that people of all ages and backgrounds could enjoy, not just bubbies and zaidies,. A millennial can still enjoy this one!” says Mordy Kurtz.

The Rogers Park Band’s “Tumbalalaika” is part of their ongoing “Bring Yiddish Back” campaign, which was launched back in 2018.

Originally a riddle-song about a young bachur looking for his bride to be, “Tumbalalaika” has taken on new life with Rogers Park Band’s unique interpretation. The band has put their own spin on the message and focused on the tradition of Torah-true Yiddishkeit that is interwoven with the song.

“We noticed how people would sing along when we performed this song live,” says Yosef Peysin. “It’s a classic song that resonates with everyone, and we wanted to make it even more accessible.”

For now this will only be released as a theatrical cut, the visuals are important here to get the message of the song across. We hope to have it streaming for listening in the future.

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