FLICKERING FLAME by Takshivu להבה מהבהבת- A Shabbat.com Project

This article is via The Jewish Insights

The neshama (soul) is like a flame. Sometimes that flame flickers and threatens to be extinguished. It is the beautiful experiences that we have in our yiddishkeit that can help us through these difficult times.

Song written, composed, and produced by: TAKSHIVU and Menachem Vinger
Guitars by: Menachem Vinger
Keys by: Dov Samuels
Bass by: Dan G.
Video presented by Rabbi Benzion Klatzko (Shabbat.com)
Video coneceptualized, filmed, edited, and colored by Dovid Lavon (Lavonafilm Productions)
Production Assistant: Yoni Broder

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