Shlomo Lipman – PNIMA [Official Video]

This article is via The Jewish Insights

Shlomo Lipman is a singer/songwriter from Israel who has been involved with Jewish Music for most of his life. As a kid Shlomo was a soloist on Ari Goldwag‘s Sheves Chaveirim and has performed all over the world as a member of Shira Chadasha boys choir.
Shlomo’s debut song “Kan Itcha” was a massive hit on Israel radio and it is played all the time on the various religious radio stations around the country.

PNIMA is all about looking past the external and connecting to the inner beauty of every person. It doesn’t matter how different we are on the outside, we are so similar inside.
In this world we are trying to emulate Hashem and he judges us based on the inside so we have to do the same.
Next time you see a friend- look them in the eyes. See that world of inner beauty in the other. And sing PNIMA all day long!!

Composition & lyrics by Shlomo Lipman
Concept: Shlomo Lipman
Produced by Doktor LokO and Ofir Manoim
Mixed by Doktor LokO
Recorded in Herzliya, Israel
Guitar and Bass: Ofir Manoim
Mixed by Doktor LokO
Mastered by Ami Mazrafi (Tetrix Bass)
Video concept, Director and Editor: Rotem Buskila
Video by Nati Avital
Choreography by Batsheva and Shlomo Lipman
Dancers: Blaze “firewall” matez
Peppy singer
Shimon “alien” eliya
Liam Max
Yaakov Shpizada