Eliezer Ben Mordechai With A Single In Memory of His Friend “Ad Ana”

This article is via The Jewish Insights

This song “Ad Ana” was created l’ilui nishmas one of my closest friends Michael Nisanov, who was niftar after battling cancer this past summer.
I chose these words because their meaning spoke to me. The low verse of the song asks, “Hashem, until when will we be forgotten? For how long will the tzaros continue?” The high part discusses that even through the rough times I know that Hashem hears me. It’s all in Your hands and all we can do is daven for the yeshua.

These words best describe my friend Michael A”H. Even when he was going through his darkest moments, he somehow knew that what was happening to him was all coming from Hashem’s love for him. This was something that people were always astonished by about Michael, before he got sick and so much more so afterwards.
Eliezer Ben Mordechai

Composed & performed by Eliezer Ben Mordechai
Produced by Chesky Ifrah
Arranged by Zelig Privalsky
Special thanks to: Eliyahu Lalush, Yitzchak Koyfman, Avi Fine, Michael Brooke and the Nisanov Family for making this possible.