Shmuly Hurwitz Releases Another Hit “Yisroel Betach Ba’shem”!

This article is via The Jewish Insights

Yisroel Betach Ba’shem – We believe in Hashem. his song emphasizes the key to our survival. No matter who and no matter what tries to bring our nation down, our belief in G-d is what keeps us strong. Hashem is on our side and we have nothing to be afraid of! As our history repeats itself, one thing remains steady. That is our unwavering faith in G-d. Yisroel Betach Ba’shem – let’s sing it to the world!

Performed By: Shmuly Hurwitz
Composed By: Elchanan Elchadad
Produced & Arranged By: Yair & Eyal Shriki
Guitars: Noam (Hargol)Burg
Choir: Elchanan Elchadad , Eyal & Yair Shriki
Mixed And Mastered By: Yair & Eyal Shriki
Video & Graphics By: Dvori Kuperman

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