Unique Date Ideas to Spice up the Romance

Planning uber cool and romantic date ideas is always a good idea—no matter if you just started dating or you’ve been together since high school. Sure, it’s easy to just think that Netflix and chill is totally going to work, especially if it’s the only thought that crosses your mind when betting on Play Amo. But, if you ask us, spicing up the romance with your significant other is the way to go. Maybe you both want to get out of your comfort zone, maybe you’d like to learn about your partner’s hobbies, or maybe you just don’t want to have awkward silence during the date. Whatever your reason is, it’s all about having fun.

1. Check Out the Local Go-Karting Spot

What’s the best way to find out if your date likes to have fun? Make your way to a go-karting location in your area to see how competitive you both are. Treat your inner child to a good time while enjoying the company of a special someone.

2. Try a New Local Restaurant

True, a dinner date is pretty standard, but when you add a twist to it, it is anything but basic. Have you ever had Caribbean food? Perhaps you’ve always wanted to check out that new Korean takeout spot? This is your chance to get to know someone and indulge in good (and new) food while you’re at it.

3. Plan a Date Under the Starry Night Sky

Now this date idea is pretty romantic. Nothing beats a night spent under the stars, especially if you’re planning this in nature—think national parks, forests, botanical gardens. Pack a picnic for two, grab a blanket, and prepare to have both of your minds blown.

4. Hit the Arcade

Old-school nostalgia is a great way to know someone. Head over to the local arcade with a pocket full of coins and prepare to beat your date in Pac-Man, pinball, Space Invaders, and the most competitive game yet, air hockey.

5. Prepare a Meal Together

They say couples who cook together, stay together. Put that statement to the test and prepare a cooking station in your kitchen. Decide who’s going to be the chef and sous-chef and get cookin’. Whether you make pasta from scratch or prepare homemade burgers, you’ll definitely bond over good food.

6. Go Skating — Ice or Roller

Another classic date idea is going roller or ice skating. This old-timey activity will either have you showing off your skills to your date, or the complete opposite—you’ll end up falling so much and laugh about it later.