Asian Casinos vs. European Casinos: Same of Different?

Europe and Asia are two continents that many consider to be the two main faces of the global casino industry, both offline and online. These two continents have quite a long history of gambling. The term casino may have originated in Europe but what resembles today’s casino also started in China a long time ago. Especially if we talk about the online casino industry. At first glance there is no difference between the two.


This article will highlight the facts about the general state of the casinos in Europe and Asia.

European Casinos

European casinos have a much older history than their counterparts. It is considered that one of the first casinos in history was created in 1638 in Venice. The trend spread the following century to Milan, then Brussels and Vienna, and gradually to the whole continent. While each European country has different legislation and practices, the history of the European casino already dates back several centuries.

In Europe, casinos are much less concentrated. Indeed, many European cities have only one casino, or a small number of casinos. Casinos have been a living part of European society since several hundred years ago, thus in many European countries casinos are something legal. However, the legality of casinos in Europe is regulated under the Treaty on the Functions of the European Union (TFEU). Of course this agreement is binding on the members of the European Union only.

When it comes to football betting, in most European casinos, choosing a handicap means risking a certain win. This rule is firm and on the other hand does not confuse the players. Whereas in Asian casinos that provide football betting, the handicap rules are a bit more complicated but provide less risk of losing.

European casinos seem to be in a “steady state”. They are not growing as fast as the casinos in Asia but all the relevant rules and legalities have been defined and understood by most of the aspiring players. There’s no doubt about that. In fact, most of today’s casino games are derivatives of the classic games that have long been offered in many European casinos especially the ones in France. Therefore, Europeans prefer playing at online casinos rather than gamble at land-based ones. The main reason is that online casinos give European players such important things like interesting offers and bonuses, such as a pages full of no deposit bonus codes from popular online casinos, and a large game variety of popular casino games.

Asian Casinos

More and more people are looking to invest their hard-earned money in Asia. This is particularly true as many foreign investors flock to put money into projects such as new casinos in countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, China and more! It is recognized that casino stocks that can be purchased in Asia are far lower in cost and also carry good earning potential, than if one were to invest in gaming companies in America or Europe.

Start-up investments in most Western countries can be massive, and difficult for just any normal businessman to be a part of, which is usually not the case in most Asian countries. Some who have already invested in Asian casinos have turned out to be quite happy with the flow of income from their investments. Some say that they prefer investing in Asian casinos because the funds that come from them can buy stocks that involve tobacco, alcohol and firearms or weapons. It certainly gives them a good incentive to keep doing business in the Asian gaming industry.

Many gambling parties in America have greatly benefited from the Asian casino and gaming industry as well! In places like Macau, which is the only area that allows gambling on occasion in the Chinese territories, the industry there has taken a liking to some big Las Vegas casino investors. The interest that this area of China has gathered from the western world is a good chance and opportunity for this former Portuguese occupied colony to increase its job production potential and entice more tourism to benefit its people, the citizens of Macao.

Gaming corporations originally from Las Vegas, like Genting, have been placing their roots in the gaming industry of countries like Malaysia and Singapore. Their investment in the Asian gaming industry has proven a worthwhile and very profitable decision for them, as there is always still room for more improvements to be made in the growth of the market and companies seeking the challenge. Various expansion projects are already beginning to come into effect as well.


Casinos in Europe certainly differ from their “Asian counterparts” but in many ways they share a lot in common. If you want to play without restrictions and with “legality in many places, European casinos are the best choice. But if you want to seize more opportunities to invest in gambling tables, Asian casinos can be counted on. Perhaps the best way to play both sides is to play online. Online gambling industry gives many special offers to players from all across the world. This means that gamblers can find many generous bonuses from online casinos and play dozens of casino games for free.