Last Chance For Pesach Necessity!

L’toeles harabim, Oorah would like to announce that this week is the last week to get your Shmorg and When Zaidy Was Young in time for Pesach! Donate today to get over 4 hours of kosher entertainment just in time for Pesach. It’s the funnest Chol Hamoed activity ever! With your donation of $50 or more to the Oorah Auction, you’ll get a free Shmorg featuring Fiveish and friends, Berel and the Bus Driver, the Living Torah World and lots more, for lots of value and lots of fun!

With your donation of $100, you’ll get also get When Zaidy Was Young Tales 1, 2, and the newly released Tales 3! That’s an another three hours of happy kids watching the stories you’ve grown up on. You can’t find a better deal than this!

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