Guide to Perfect Wedding Flowers for a February Chasunah! [PHOTO GALLERY]


    After choosing your wedding date, venue, color, it is time to talk about your wedding flowers. As soon as you start your wedding planning there should be a specific budget for wedding flowers and decide of who will be arranging the flowers. If you are under a budget, mothers, aunt or girls from the bridal party might know how to arrange flowers and are willing to do so.

    Once you have all of this, then is time to start choosing the flowers that you wish for you wedding and that will fit your budget. When choosing the flowers keep in mind a few things: where are you going to place the flowers? What type of bases would you like to use? What color will be suiting my décor best?

    If you have your heart set in some specific kind of flower and type of arrangement, go for it. If you are using the DIY option, make super that you buy the vases and sample flowers with a few months in advance and do the arrangement your self. This will help you see first if you like it, second if it complements your vision, third how to care and handle the flowers and last the specific amount of flowers that you will need. If you hire a florist or a flower designer make sure that they show you a complete sample of the arrangement few months in advance to make sure that you like it.

    Now, if you have commitment issues and you are not able to decided what is it that you want and how it will come along. Reduce your options to three. Chose three different kinds of vases, three different kinds of flower mixtures or kinds. Try to choose all of the flowers along the same color pallet. For example, one can be tall, the other one short, and the last one can be a combination of flowers and fruits or flowers and candles. Play around with the vases, the flowers and the other elements that you might have, always vision your arrangements with the rest of the décor and the exact place were you will be placing them.

    Once you have decided what kind of wedding flowers, color and vases you will be using, envision all of your flower arrangements. Start with the bride and groom, followed by the wedding party, if you are using flower arrangements for the ceremony you might want to make those so that you can also incorporate them in your reception, then centerpieces and finally any other places or tables were you would use flower decorations.

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