Blue Melody – Introduction Clip

BLUE MELODY – Introduction Clip: 
Blue Melody is the product of Eli Lax & Chaim Rosenblatt working along side other offices in the Jewish music industry.  
Blue Melody Group: 
Ari Boiangiu – Guitar 
Eran Asias – Drums
Jason Teborek – Keyboard 
Shaya Lieberman – Bass 
HOI KOL TZMEI LECHU LA’MAYIM  “All those that thirst, seek out the water.”  
Deep blue and pure. The holy words of the Torah are compared to water, for they penetrate and invigorate the soul much like water. Music has a similar capability and just like the vast crystal blue waters make up the oceans of the world a droplet at a time so to a beautiful  melodious tune is a rhythmically organized sequence of single tones that make up soul stirring melody, a Blue Melody, if you will. 
We present to you here for the very first time, “Blue Melody”   Music. Crisp, fresh, soul stirring and invigorating. 
Just sit back and allow yourself to be awash in Blue Melody. Enjoy!
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